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I would like to get some paperwork for my loan. The loan was done in 2003

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You can request all paperwork from Bank of America since they bought Countrywide. I did this myself last year since the notorious Countrywide in 2008 never gave me a single copy of my HELOC or refinance paperwork that was done by a mobile notary.

Make sure you tell them you want a copy of your complete file. They did their best in the beginning not to give it to me but I was persistent. But after making a complaint against Bank of America with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this year they came up with a fraudulent document.

Also, if you have current servicer or owner of the loan you can get all documentation from them. Do a Qualified Written Request which the CFPB has a sample letter of online or go through the CFPB to request your documents.

to Anonymous #1551881

Since bank of America gave you a fraudulent document, were you able to get out of your loan?

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