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I would like to know if the following occurred to any customers of countrywide home loans byside myself.

I have (two) Mortgages with countrywide home loans and have then now for 2.5 years. I noticied that in July I did not receive a statement from countrywide for my first mortgage. I got the statement for the second mortgages as usual.

They said they will send one out to me soon. Ok, I waited nothing. Now August 2008 comes in and no first mortgage statement again. Yet for August I received the second as usual.

I called Countrywide in August again and expressed to them my concern not receiving the statement for my first mortgage.

Here is what I was told.....

We blocked your account because we sent a duplicate and it was returned to us. It was sent back to countrywide stating "WRONG ADDRESS" I said wow that is strange because that has never happend before. So I spoke to a Supervisor to see what can be done since this incident occurred twice already. (July and August 2008 Statements)

I explained to countrywide that I have a 2nd mortgage with them and to verify the address and they will see that everything is the same and I am still living in the home that was purchased.

To their surprise the second loan and first loan had EXACTLY THE SAME ADDRESS! They said why do not know why you are not getting your not getting your 1st mortgage statement. I told them I am going to file a compliant with the post office because tampering with someone mail is a federal offense and I told them that.

My local post office could not understand why this was happening and took the necessary steps to assist me.

My calls continued to countrywide and still they were not able to give me any duplicate statements or tell me why my statements have not arrived. I continued pressing them and still nothing.

Now, to my surprise I get the statement that needs to be paid in October 1, 2008.


Please, be aware that now October 1, 2008, there is the new housing bill that was signed by the president of the USA in order to assist struggling homeowners.

For more info. on this program go to WWW. and you will see what the qualifications are in order to be eligiable for this program.

Please email me at

Subject: Missed statements.

Thank you for reading my comment.

Bernadette - California

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A.N. Onymous

Actually a statement is not just a courtesy, it's a receipt for payment. Each payment that you send entitles you to either an electronic or paper statement/receipt for record keeping.

You do need to continue to make a payment, statement or not, if nothing else but to be the bigger person. Refusing to pay simply because you don't have a statement is boardering on insanity and bad business. Everyone blames the banks for being in an economic crunch, but as a person who has been late several times on loans, I can tell you that WE are also to blame due to not paying what we've taken.

Americans have become to feel entitled and this is not good. Time to move on.


Once we send out statements we have no control over what the postal service does with your mail. We receive many statements back every month that are return to sender or invalid address.

Plus your statements are sent as a courtesy and is not our obligation to send them out. Your payment is still due on the first of the month regardless if you receive your statement or not.


Bernadette, Yes, they did exactly the same thing to me. They also said they did not receive my check in September of last year, then they did the statement trick in October.

I called and got the same reply, that my statement had been "returned" to them. Very strange.


I heard that if you are being foreclosed upon, you can demand they produce the original instrument (your actual mortgage paperwork). If they can't, they can't take your home.

It's good for about a year of keeping a roof over your head. They sell your mortgage debt often, so chances are good they can't come up with it.

Good luck, everybody! We are being eaten alive!


You are aware that statements are sent as a courtesy, not an obligation? When you signed your mortgage, you got your statement/

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